Demo Derby Rules

Payouts are as follows:

Compact & Full Size Chain & Go

1st - $1,000
2nd - $500
3rd - $200

Builders Compact & Builders Full Size

1st - $1,500
2nd - $700
3rd - $400

$7,000 Total Prize Money

Must have 6 cars in class or pay out will be adjusted.

Class are as follows:

Compact Chain & Go
  • Compact cars - wheel base 108 inches and down
  • Follow all chain & go rules
Compact Builders Class
  • Compact cars - wheel base 108 inches and down
  • Run what you bring
  • Must look stock on outside other than driver's door
  • Safety items (covered battery, safe gas tank, protection for driver.
Full Size Chain & Go
  • Follow all chain & go rules
Full Size Builders Class
  • Run what you bring
  • Car must look stock from outside other than driver's door
  • Do what you have to do to protect yourself
  • Safety items (covered battery, safely mounted gas tank
Chain and Go Demo Rules
Barron County Fair, Rice Lake, WI

The Chain and Go Demo Derby Class is designed to be an entry level class to promote greater interest in demo derbies and to give new people a class to compete in on a limited budget.  The cars in this class are meant to be stripped, prepped with safety gear and brought to the track to demo,  These rules specifically state what can be done to the vehicles.  

There are no gray areas.  If it doesn't say you can, then you can't.

A.  Competing Models
  • Open to any make of car
  • 8 cylinder maximum
  • No mini vans, SUV's, Pickups or El Caminos
B.  General Preparation
  1. All glass except front windshield must be removed.  All loose glass must be cleaned out.
  2. Front windshield may be replaced with expanded metal.  Must have 2 vertical braces for support in center.
  3. Car exterior must be stripped of all molding, headlight, trim, tail lights, etc.
  4. All flammable material must be removed from interior.  Head liner, rear sets, door panels, carpet, etc.
  5. Front seat must be securely fastened to the floor.  These bolts may not go through the frame.
  6. Hoods may be chained or wired shut only.  4 places maximum.  3/8 chain or wraps or #9 gauge wire maximum.
  7. 2 of the hood chains or wire may be looped around the front bumper.
  8. No re-bolting of hood skins.
  9.  Exterior driver's door bar may be used.
  10. Door bar must extend a minimum of 3" past the door seams and no more than 6" past the door seams.
  11. Dash bar is recommended.  A dash bar is required if any part of the metal structure of the dash has been removed.  May only be mounted to body sheet metal.
  12. Trunk lids may be chained or wired shut only.  4 places maximum.  3/8 chain or 2 wraps of #9 gauge wire maximum.
  13. 2 of the trunk lid chains or wire may be looped around the rear bumper.
  14. No welding other than what is specifically stated in these rules.
  15. Floating box to protect the driver may be used.  May or may not include dash bars and a bar behind the driver's seat.  This box may not in any way be attached to anything but the body of the car.  Bolted or welded, our choice.
C.  Frames
  1. Engine mounts may be welded to the Fram.  No added metal.  May not strengthen the car in any way.
  2. No other welding on the frame is allowed.
D.  Brakes
  1. All cars must be able to demonstrate the ability to stop at any time.  If your brakes do not work, you will not compete.
E.  Tires
  1. Any car time allowed.  No forklift, skid steer, tractor, etc.
  2. Must be mounted on stock style rim.
  3. No reinforcing rims.
  4. Tubes are allowed.
  5. No valve stem protector allowed.
F.  Bumpers and Bumper Brackets
  1. No welding of the bumpers or bumper brackets is allowed.
  2. Must use factory bumper or one close to for the car.
  3. Bumper may be bolted or chained to the frame only.
  4. You may chain around the bumper and through the hood and trunk lid.
  5. Bumper ends may be cut for tire clearance.
G.  Rear Ends and Drive Shafts
  1. No rear end swaps allowed
  2. You may weld the rear end spider gears
  3. Stock style drive shafts only.  No long sliding type drive lines allowed.
H.  Engines
  1. No purpose built engine swaps.  Examples of acceptable swaps.  305 Chevrolet replaced by a 350 Chevrolet.  302 Ford replaced by a 351w Ford.  Contact tech with any engine swap questions prior to building.
  2. No engine cradles allowed.
  3. No distributor protectors allowed.
  4. Stock engine mounts may be welded.  No added metal.  May not strengthen the car.
I.  Batteries
  1. Battery must be relocated to inside the cab.
  2. Battery must be fully enclosed in a box or be covered.
  3. Either must be securely fastened.
J.  Fuel System
  1. Stock fuel tank must be removed from OEM location
  2. Maximum 8 gallon tank
  3. A safe tank must be used
  4. Tank must be securely fastened to the floorboards of the vehicle
  5. Tank cannot be bolted through the frame at all
  6. It must be mounted as close to the center of the car as possible
  7. Tank mounting braces/brackets cannot be used as a kicker of any kind.  Must maintain a minimum of 6" of clearance between any fuel tank mounting brace and any surrounding metal.
  8. No metal fuel lines inside cab
  9. Rubber fuel hose ran inside the cab is required to be ran inside a larger diameter hose.
  10. Hydraulic hose is highly recommended for all in cab fuel lines.
  11. All fuel lines must be double clamped
  12. Electric fuel pumps are allowed.  They must be covered and have a clearly marked on/off switch.
K.  Cooling system
  1. Water only.  No antifreeze or ethylene glycol allowed.
  2. Radiator (if used) must remain in the factory installed location.
  3. If the radiator is removed, you can loop the hoses together.  No added expansion tanks.
  4. No other cooling system modifications allowed.
L.  Suspension
  1. No suspension modifications are allowed
  2. No chaining humps or limiting suspension travel in any way
M.  Safety
  1. Driver must wear helmet, seat belt, and eye protection at all times during the competition.
  2. Driver must remain in vehicle with all safety equipment on until directed by a track official to exit the vehicle.  (Fire is the only exception.)
  3. Driver's door hits are illegal.  Any driver's door hit deemed intentional will be cause for disqualification.  Repeated unintentional or careless driver's door hits will be cause for disqualification.  Official's determination is final.
  4. Intentional or repeated unintentional use of your driver's door as a defense may result in disqualification.
  5. No hot rodding in the pits.
  6. You are allowed one fire.  The second fire will be cause for disqualification.
N.  Technical Inspection
  1. It is your responsibility to show up with a legal car
  2. It is your responsibility to report to tech.  Failure to report to tech or competing in any event with a car that has not been inspected will result in immediate disqualification and a monetary fine.
  3. Hood and trunk lid must be opened for inspection.
  4. Protests are not allowed.  Official's decisions are final.
O.  Competition Rules
  1. No sandbagging.  You must make a competitive hit every 60 seconds.
  2. Intentional or repeatedly exiting the defined area of competition may result in disqualification.
  3. Obey the official's commands.
  4. Have Fun and Put on a Great Show for the Crowd!