Demo Derby Rules


  1. 1)  All doors may be fastened shut on the outside door seams in 4 locations per door with 3 strands of #9 wire or 3/8” chains.

  2. 2)  Drivers’ door may be welded and reinforced for driver’s safety.

  3. 3)  No wire in window openings or roof to floor.

  4. 4)  Cutting fenders for tire clearance is allowed.

  5. 5)  No bolting or welding of fenders or body seams.

  6. 6)  Body creasing may be done up to 50% of the panel.

  7. 7)  Trunk may be secured in 4 locations on top seam with 3 strands of #9 wire, or 3/8”


  8. 8)  Tucking 50% of the trunk lid is allowed.

a. You may also crease/dish the trunk a max of 4 inches in center. No rear window bars, and fenders must stay upright.

  1. 9)  Hoods may be fastened shut in 6 locations.

    1. Two at the core support may replace body mounts with 3⁄4” unsleeved threaded


    2. Other 4 locations must be sheet metal only.

    3. You can add an extra body mount with 3⁄4” threaded rod or chain from subframe

      to unibody.

    4. All other body mounts must remain stock. The rest of frame must be stock only

      without any added bolts, wire, plates, or welding.

  2. 10)  Must have large enough hole in hood for fire extinguisher access, no bolting or screws

    allowed in openings.

  3. 11)  5-inch max washer allowed on top of hood for hood bolts.

  4. 12)  You may weld or clamp struts to desired ride height.

  5. 13)  No reinforcing strut or rear trailing arms.

  6. 14)  Tie-rods may be welded, or you may use aftermarket tie rods.

  7. 15)  ABSOLUTELY NO WELDING of seams, plating, altering, pinning, or reinforcing of the

    subframe. Must remain completely stock.

  8. 16)  Engines may be 4 or 6 cylinders.

  9. 17)  Motor mounts can be made solid if not reinforcing cradle or body.

  10. 18)  Engine may also be wired or chained in 2 extra locations.

  11. 19)  Engines may be converted to carb, modify ignition, switches, headers, aftermarket gas

    and brake pedals are allowed.

  12. 20)  You are not allowed to run radi barrels, engine cradles or protectors, pulley protectors,

    or carb protectors.

  13. 21)  Transmission coolers are allowed,

  14. 22)  Any tire is allowed. Wheel weights must be removed.

  15. 23)  Fuel tanks must be removed and relocated in the back seat area and securely fastened.

    Please have your switch for electric fuel pump clearly labeled.

  1. 24)  Can run 2 batteries must be relocated to front passenger area and be securely fastened.

  2. 25)  You are allowed a 4-point floating cage, 4” is max diameter allowed for cage material.

    Dash bar, seat bar, door bars, and halo. No down bars will be allowed.

  3. 26)  All cage material can be no further forward than firewall, and no further rearwards of

    front side of rear wheel tubs. (this includes the tank protector). Tank protector can not be any higher than the speaker deck, must remain vertical in front of wheel well, and must remain 4 inches off the floor.

  4. 27)  A chain or bar is recommended in the front windshield from roof to cowl.

  5. 28)  Any seam welded; internally reinforced automotive car bumper may be used except

    Chrysler v bumpers.

  6. 29)  Bumpers must be trimmed to fit width of the car.

  7. 30)  If you do not have an automotive bumper, you may use a 4x4” flat square tubing

    instead. Just make sure its cut to width of the car.

  8. 31)  To mount your bumper, you have the following choices.

    1. You can cut off crush zones and hardnose.

    2. You can use tube up to 4”x4”x1/4” tubing at 8” long slid into frame and welded

      to your desired depth then to bumper.

    3. Or you can make a bracket that is 1⁄4” thick by 8” downside of frame.



    5. You must also wire/chain from bumper to core support or frame to make sure

      bumpers stay on.

  9. 32)  Any questions contact Greg Mayer 715-338-5864


  1. 1)  ABSOLUTELY NO WELDING other than the 4-point floating cage with halo and tank protector.

  2. 2)  All body mounts must be factory.

  3. 3)  Chain/Wire of the doors, trunk lid and hood.

    1. 4 spots on hood and trunk lid

    2. 2 spots per vertical seam for doors.

  4. 4)  Aftermarket brake and gas pedal, shifter, and headers are allowed.

  5. 5)  You must use stock bumper off a car that is comparable. You may add 4 bolts to help

    hold it on. If bumper is plastic DO NOT put on tubing, full size bumper or steel compact bumper. We will enforce this rule, if the bumper is not to specs you will be bumped up to the limited midsize class.

  6. 6)  Any tire is allowed.

  7. 7)  All plastic, lights, and glass must be removed.

  8. 8)  Drivers’ door can be welded shut.

  9. 9)  You can clamp your suspension to the desirable ride height. Do not weld struts, tie rods,

    bumpers, motor mounts, door, etc.

10) Pre ran cars will be allowed 2- 3x3x1/4” fix it plates, they can be used to weld the

bumper back on. Absolutely nothing above and beyond those 2 plates. Any more you

may think you need build a new car or run the limited class.

  1. 11)  This is a simple, basic, quick and fun build.

  2. 12)  Any questions contact Greg Mayer 715-338-5864